Druck PACE1001 Barometer

High precision barometric indicator and recorder designed for monitoring in laboratories, airfields and other applications.

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  • Pressure ranges 750-1150 mbar (10.9-16.7 psi, 75-115 Kpa), absolute
  • Choice of precision up to 0.025 mbar/0.0003625 psi
  • Data logging as standard with on screen replay
  • Selectable numeric or graphic display
  • High resolution touch screen operation
  • Intuitive icon driven task menu structure
  • Airfield Task as standard: Display QFE, QFF or QNH in pressure units or as altitude in feet or meters
  • Leak Test Option
  • Analog Output option
  • Voltage Free Contact option
  • RS232, IEEE connectivity, Ethernet and USB as standard
  • Min/Max/Average display
  • Compatible with software packages
  • 28 selectable pressure units plus 4 user defined units