AVENTICS™ Series LU6 Locking units

The AVENTICS Series LU6 is a mechanical locking unit/brake for piston rods in pneumatic cylinders according to ISO 15552 or comparable round bars. It is a safety component in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (CE mark) and can be used in safety-relevant controls.

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  • Tested and certified by IFA as a pneumatic braking/holding unit with safety function as per DIN ISO 13849.
  • Prevention of hazardous movement (cat. 1 up to max. PL c,“proven component”)
  • Secure hold in upper end position through clamping and one-sided pressurization (cat. 4 up to max. PL e)
  • Interruption of a hazardous movement (emergency stop)
  • High B10d -dynamic braking values: 2 million cycles
  • High B10d -static holding values: 5 million cycles