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We are the experts!

We are the experts! We are a leading buyer & seller of new, used, refurbished Surplus Fisher Control valves & components. We have a huge inventory consisting of standard commodity Fisher valves such as the Fisher V-150 ball valve and the hard to find Fisher valves such as the Fisher V-250 ball valve, actuators of all types & sizes, positioners of all types, and more! Are you looking for a Fisher V-Ball or E-Body today? Give us a call or send us a email of what you’re looking to buy or sell and we’ll respond quickly with the best offer possible.


We also do Fisher Repair work on all E-Body, V-Ball, Butterfly, Actuators, with a quick turnaround. Weekend Emergency Repair work also available. 

We purchase entire stock of finished/complete power projects leftover materials which means we will have the latest styles of Fisher Control Valves & Parts. Are you left with a bunch of leftover project materials? No problem give us a call today and one of our expertise staff members will come to you and do an evaluation. We buy & sell NATIONWIDE located in Houston Tx. We serve the largest industries including: Oil & Gas, Power, Nuclear, Paper mill, Manufacturing, and more!

About Us

The FisherControlValve.com Bio

FisherControlValve.com has bought and sold Fisher Control Valves all throughout the US for over 20 years. Throughout our expansive network of Fisher Control Valve buyer and seller relationships, we are always looking to buy, sell, and repair Fisher Control Valves.

Many Fisher Control Valve sellers find themselves with a surplus of product and no idea how to liquidate it. That is where FisherControlValve.com comes to the rescue. We will personally inspect your material and make you a cash offer, on the spot!

Whether your unwanted product is in good condition or undesirable condition, used, or surplus, we at FisherControlValve.com want them all!

Additionally, FisherControlValve.com pays upfront for all Fisher Control Valves and we are even open to taking on consignment inventory, to maximize the return on your investment.

FisherControlValve.com maintains a stellar reputation throughout the United States as the premier surplus valve’s buyer and seller. Sell FisherControlValve.com all your surplus valves and we will pay you at top dollar, quickly and with a professionalism rarely found in the recovery business.